Rest in Peace, Patricia Jesek

All condolences must go out to the family of my best buddy, Bob. Over the weekend, his grandmother, Patricia Jesek, passed away.

Patricia was the oft-forgotten adopted daughter of Art “The Chief” Rooney. Actually, she was Art’s niece, whom he adopted and raised along with his 5 sons. That also made her the sister/cousin of currently-in-charge-Dan Rooney.

According to Bob, Art called Patricia his, “jewel.”

What, you didn’t know Art had a daughter? Now you know.

She battled cancer late in her life, and even had her voice box removed.

I was lucky enough to meet her before her voice box was removed, and she was truly a unique and caring individual. I know how much my buddy and his family cared for her, and saying that she’ll be missed is an understatement.

All the condolences and sympathy that PSaMP can give go to Patricia’s family, especially her children, Pat, Carrie and Kathleen. You will be in my prayers.

Rest in Peace and watch over your family, Patricia.

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