Say It With Me. 8 And 0

The Passion finished their regular season undefeated, with a 77-0 drubbing of the Central PA Vipers. There aren’t any stats up at the link, which is par for the course with the NWFA.

The Passion finally got some love from the local media, with a nice article by the Post-Gazette. It really exemplifies Pittsburgh football, whether of the male or female variety. The team had no party or celebration as they concluded a perfect season in which they won the Central Division. Instead, the team remains focused on the impending playoffs, and the NWFA Championship, which if the team makes it, will be played on July 21st in Nashville, Tennessee.

Torina Henley gained the 166 yards necessary to finish with 1,000+. Her 11 carries went for 176 yards and 4 scores. And all her damage was done in 3 quarters. She finished the season with 1,010 yards rushing. Awesome!

Lisa Horton completed 3 of 7 passes for 93 yards and 2 scores. She finished the season with 1,012 yards passing. Horton is an original member of the Passion, who began play 5 years ago with a winless season. The times, they are a changing.

PSaMP will get a full breakdown of the game, including stats for the team as soon as they are posted.

UPDATE: Many thanks to reader Smarchit, who caught PSaMP in a downright lie. The Passion went 2-6 in their first season, not 0-8 as I foolishly reported. I wrote this in a bit of a hurry. I confused the Vipers’ current winless season with Pittsburgh’s 1st for some reason. Gotta slow down. (Still, 8-0 is a huge improvement from 2-6).

If it happens again, I’ll cut off my hands, which would render PSaMP unable to update on your Pittsburgh Passion. But it would also keep me from typing blasphemous lies.

A better recap will be up tomorrow! I apologize for my stupidity.

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