Solid Sticker

ok so i know i havent updated in awhile, so i promise to get a cool update tomrrow (hint: pirates won) as well as a comprehensive mini pony of the easter weekend (thats just my excuse for being a lazy nut over the holiday). in the meantime, here is a sweet picture that i took in new york city in january. i was working in manhattan at the time, and staying with my sisters at their apartment in queens. as i was walking to my subway station in queens on my way to work in the city, something on a parked car with a new york plate caught my eye. sure enough, the steelers logo was looking back at me. at the time, i said, "sweet!" there was also a cool steelers bar right down the block from where i stayed. i met some dude who was wearing a joey porter authentic home jersey. when the steelers traded joey, i joked with my sister that the guy we met one time was probably crying that his beloved
jersey was now meaningless (you could tell he was a big porter fan)… guess you had to be there…

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