Some Hints To My Pick

So I’m not allowed to reveal my pick for Awful Announcing‘s Complete Sports Blogger’s NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0. I can, however, reveal that my pick has been made. Here are some of the reasons for my pick.

With the 14th pick in the 2nd round, and 46th overall pick, the Pittsburgh
Steelers and PSaMP select not to fill the glaring needs at DE, Linebacker, DB,
or the cool-name category, but instead…will pass up a need to take the best
available player in the draft.

Furthermore, my pick:

…also survived playing…in the state of Colorado. The last three players
the Steelers drafted from the state of Colorado, Clark Haggans, Aaron Smith and
Joey Porter, have all been solid contributors. I would’ve included the last 5
players from the state, but #4 was some dude named Ryan Olson (?) and #5 was
Kordell Stewart.

So that’s probably all the information I can give you. Check out AA’s round 2 of the Complete Sport’s Blogger’s NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0. The picks should be up before the end of the work week. I’ll re-print my full pick once the 2nd round finds its way to AA.

And before any feelings are hurt, I just want to say that my pick in no way reflects who the Steelers should actually take with the 46th overall pick. It was made in good fun. You may disagree mightily.

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