Steelers Fans Rule

Excuse the surplus of Steelers/Patriots posts this week. Sure, I’ve completely neglected the Pirates (rightfully so) and have drifted from the Pens. I apologize. I promise I’ll get back to the Penguins soon. Pirates…we’ll see about that. Right now, my Steelers will win prediction is consuming my thoughts.

I decided to see who is better, Steelers fans or Patriots fans. These were some of the first images that appeared when I Google Image Searched for “Steelers fan” and “Patriots fan.”

No joke. Looking back now, though, the Steelers fan pic is off the first page. Wtf, Google?

Steelers fan…fiiiine. Patriots fan…old.

Cool Manbi Storm Ski gloves, dweeb.

…Hey, baby.

I rest my case.

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