The Battle of Pola(malu)s

In case you don’t scout opposing coaching staffs, the forthcoming Steelers/Jags game pits nephew Troy Polamalu against uncle Kennedy Pola. Pola is the Runnings Backs coach for Jacksonville.

Troy is expected to play, which should hopefully force David Garrard into making some sort of mistake. Dude has been clutch in not throwing interceptions this season. Maybe Troy can remedy that.

And Troy should strengthen our run defense, what with Pola tutoring mini-beast Maurice Jones-Drew and one of the RBs I respect the most in the league…the ageless Fred Taylor.

And although I really don’t want to go back to the new England game, Larry Foote was criticized for not putting more hits on former Michigan teammate Tom Brady when he had open looks. Foote was even seen embracing Brady. Weird man-love.

Troy…although he’s you uncle…don’t go embracing Kennedy mid-play. Remember, he might be family, but at least on Sunday, he’s your adversary.

And come on…this dude doesn’t even look like Troy.

Wait…hold on…wait for it…


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