The Retro Penguins Jerseys Are Sick

Want a sneak peak into what the Pens and Sabres will be wearing for the upcoming outdoor game in Buffalo? I got ‘yer back. Don’t worry so much.

I, personally, am a big fan of odd looking throwbacks. I don’t mind the retro jerseys and helmets worn by the Steelers twice this season. Even back when I used to play Madden on original Playstation (what with the crappy graphics and all), I would always bust out these jerseys to make my opponent distracted. P.S. Cool Barry Foster.

When I heard that the Pens would be wearing throwbacks for the outdoor game, I was immediately interested. Turns out, I’m not the only one who digs the classic blue Pens getups.

So yeah, the Bills decided to not wear their throwbacks when the Steelers played ’em (the first time the throwbacks were used this season), but the Sabres are following suit (no pun intended) and breaking out their own, classic, white unis. Even as a Penguins homer, I gotta give love to these uniforms as well.

The Pens sorta caved in to the whole “City of Champions” era, and switched to the Black and Gold scheme to hop on the Steelers and Pirates (who were both winning championships at that point, odd as it may seem) bandwagon. I’m pumped to see that they went with the blue rather than the still awesome, Cup-winning Black and Gold.

Here’s the Sabres unis as well.

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