This Is The Reason That Text Messaging Was Invented

If you aren’t excited about the upcoming Pens season, you should check your pulse.

Mad love goes to Michael Holovak at the Duquesne Duke for digging up this scoop.

Have trouble finding student rush tickets last season? You probably weren’t alone. The quick success of Sid and Co. caused many a sellout at the ‘Gloo, and ice-popped kids struggled to get their hands on the $20 Student Rush tix.

Because of this problem, the Pens have created a new lottery-style Student Rush program. Holovak, via, says:

…games on pace to sell out will have a lottery for 200 Student Rush tickets via text message within 48 hours of the game and 100 lottery winners will then be given a password to purchase up to two student rush tickets on

Texting “RUSH” to 32623 will sign you up for the alerts.

So why are tickets being distributed this way? To borrow a tagline from the Penguins, it’s an evolution.

“We had to adjust for the times,” said Tom McMillan, Vice President of Communications for the Penguins. “Last year we just alerted students if we had a high, medium or low inventory of Student Rush tickets. As attendance grew it became difficult to slot tickets for students.”


I know most of you probably thought text messaging was only good for goofy one-liners sent to friends, scam ringtone subscriptions or making your voice heard on the flavor of the month reality show.

Turns out, the Penguins have turned text messaging into a necessity for all hopeful young Pens-watchers.

If games aren’t going to sell out (doubtful), standard student rush procedures stay in place. Go to the ‘Gloo with your student I.D. and your Andrew Jackson.

UPDATE: One final notice, Sid’s Alternative Captains were named. Sergei Gonchar, Mark Recchi and Gary Roberts will all don the A. Perfect trio.

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