This Past Weekend Sucked

I took a mini break from blogging this weekend, because, as the title points out, this past weekend sucked. After taking game 1 of the series with the Beer-Makers, the Buccos decided to lose on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Prince Fielder, who was pissed about getting beaned on the elbow on Saturday, hit a pair of homers and scored the winning run (captured in the above photo) to quell the Pirates’ attempt at a comeback in the finale.

Other than those obvious reasons, the Steelers did nothing significant, and the Penguins are still out of the playoffs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. won an unexciting bout with Oscar De La Hoya. Roger Clemens announced he’s coming back to the Yankees. I would have only paid attention to that story if Clemens and Pirates were in the same sentence. Some horse won the Kentucky Derby, and I had to go to college commencement practice. Nothing really controlled my interests this weekend, so I gave you, the reader, the bare minimum for the past few days.

The Buccos have the day off today, which is greatly needed. Pittsburgh’s last two opponents, the Cubs and Brewers, both entered their series against the Bucs with 4 game win streaks (Which I mentioned here). The Pirates won the opener in both series, and proceeded to drop the final 3 games in each. Bummer, indeed.

The Bucs are 13-17, good for 4th place in the Central and 7.5 games behind Milwaukee. The series opener looked promising for the Bucs, who then decided to give away a bunch of runs in the next 3 games. Any chance at catching the Brewers in the near future flew out the window during the 10-0 drubbing in game 2. ADD Laroche did record 3 hits on Saturday (Whaaat?…) which hopefully kicks off his season (It is May, you know).

Little off topic, but if you haven’t seen the movie Grandma’s Boy, you should probably see it soon (Your ass is tanner than my face). Yeah, I’m a little behind the times, but that’s what happens when you hold multiple jobs while trying to graduate from college…and while you attempt to run a kickass sportsblog. Its a typical crude humor movie from Happy Madison Productions, and that is really all I need when I want to laugh. What? You didn’t like Grandma’s Boy? You would if you had robot ears…I gotta stop now.

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