This Sign Might Make Me Mad

ok i know that this blog covers pittsburgh sports. i also know that mini ponies are a sweet topic. ill try not to get too off subject, but there are just some times when ill think of something that really just pisses me off, or basically makes my mind go NUTS. sorry in advance.

todays topic is gas prices. i know, its a very stereotypical, “this-gets-me-all-hot-under-the-collar-so-let-me-vent-about-it” topic, and listening to people complain about gas prices is annoying. however, i was driving to work one day not too long ago, and a gas sign caught my eye. (background info: gas prices in the pittsburgh area exploded from about $2.15 to $2.65 in like a minute). seriously, in about a months time, gas prices rose 50 cents. each day, it seemed like gas signs were changing again. and i suck at buying gas at the right time. ill see $2.55 and say pssssht, ill wait till after work. then i get out of work, and ITS $2.65! (i just yelled that in my mind, so try to think of that when you read this).
anyway, it got to the point where several gas stations (you know who you are) quit placing the final number on their sign for the gas price, as seen in the picture above. (alright, i manipulated a picture on ms paint to solidify my point, but you get the idea of what i mean). this is the biggest asshole move i have ever witnessed. the company was sick of changing the last digit, since it was happening so frequently, so they just left it off instead of changing it at a moments notice! they basically said, “screw you, you are gonna buy this shit no matter what the price.” unfortunately, they are right. but i was pissed to look up at the sign, which should be giving me information as to whether or not i want to stop at this particular gasoline establishment, and see that IT WASNT DOING ITS ONE JOB IN LIFE! (i yelled that too, sorry).