Those Pens, They’ll Get Ya

larry brown sports has officially pledged allegiance to our pittsburgh penguins! touche, larry brown sports. keep that playoff beard going, and ill loan you my pens, seeing as how the bruins are home, resting right now (sorry, had to throw that in). this picture is his last attempt at a playoff beard. im not too concerned about the fullness of the beard, its the dedication that im happy about. as long as the beard grows, ill accept a new pens fan. however, if the pens keep playing the way they did in the first period, i might have to ask mr brown to buy a mach 3, or a fusion, or some scissors, or anything to break the pens outta this sloppy play. the sens scored twice in the opening moments of the game, and clearly came out with more purpose than the pens. however, the pens did kill two 5 on 3s, one in the middle of the opening period and one that carried over to the start of the 2nd frame. score right now: pens 0, sens 2.

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