Torina Henley Leads Passion Over Philly

Yes, I already told you that the Passion won. However, I figured I’d hit you up with some more cool facts about the game, as well as where your favorite players stand against the rest of the league.

Torina anchored the offense, rushing for 127 yards on 15 carries. She averaged 8.5 yards a touch, and scored twice on the ground. Her 834 rushing yards are good for 3rd in the league. PSaMP is hoping that Torina is able to muster 166 rushing yards in next week’s game, in order to break the 1000-yard mark. She is also 3rd in the league in scoring, with her ridiculous 90 points accumulated.

Lisa Horton, Pittsburgh’s star QB, completed 9 of 15 passes for 144 yards and a touchdown. Like Henley, she is 3rd in the league…but for passing (obviously). Her passer rating stands at 121.9, behind Allison Cahill’s 134.8. Cahill has attempted 21 fewer passes, though.

Kara Prentice, who proved her worth as a more-than-capable backup QB throughout the season, completed one of her 3 pass attempts for 9 yards.

Olivia Griswold failed to lead the team in tackles. Her 5 tackles were 2nd to Ava Nickens and Michelle Brevard, who both had 7. Nickens also recorded 2 sacks.

I mistakenly wrote that the team finished undefeated. However, the team has one more game. The 7-0 record looks to be unchallenged, as the team plays the Central PA Vipers next weekend. Central PA is 1-6. PSaMP thinks an un-Passion-like performance can still be good enough to finish undefeated.

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