Uh…You Sure Ben?

ben roethlisberger doesnt want to blame his injuries from the past offseason (and at the beginning of the season, for those who forget an unblocked adalius thomas), as the reason he struggled to a 7-8 record as a starter in 06. i understand wanting to put the past behind you, and there could be other reasons that ben threw 23 interceptions as compared to only 18 touchdowns. but ive seen the pictures. im sure the accident (among the appendectomy and adalius thomas) had a dramatic effect on why ben was bad all year.

its hard to look at these pictures and not blame them for everything that went wrong last year. i guess bens a better person (and by better, i mean the person with the fakest face).
Roethlisberger also told the newspaper he was able to put last season in
perspective with the help of Hall of Fame quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Dan Marino.

great choices, ben. you officially have more super bowl rings than both men combined. im surprised he didnt look to akili smith and jeff george for advice as well.

devils lost. to the leafs. thats good for the pens, who dont lose any ground to the atlantic-leading devils by way of their loss to the rangers two nights ago. wade belak fought cam janssen, obvious retaliation for janssen’s hit on tomas kaberle that has caused the talented maple leaf to miss the past 8 games in a crucial push for the final playoff spot in the east.
pens dont play till tomorrow, when they travel to long island to meet “the rick dipietros.”
still waiting for the sweet 16. i know i have the panthers losing in the sweet 16 (those who picked pitt to keep going obviously havent watched pitt basketball for the past 10 years or so,) but it would be cool to actually see them advance to the elite 8.
mpotd later…
got some stuff to do