some things have happened while you were busy weeping over the departure of tommy amaker.

  • tennessee won what turned out to be a close one over uva.
  • steelers resigned chidi iwuoma. one of these times, chidis gonna tackle a hole in some return man
  • andrew mccutchen is lookin good. real good.
  • ben roethlisberger hosted camp ben-e-fit, teaching kids about sports and overcoming adversity. ben has overcome a lot of adversity. and by adversity, i mean a buick.
  • here’s some video documentation of pitt’s win. watch levance fields get mad. at his headband.
  • i cant stand ohio state. in any sport. it might be because, as a penn state fan, i cant take the thought of a better big 10 school. and old lebron james, i mean greg oden, is mean.
  • mondesis house got a new logo. check out the sweet lemieux artwork here as well. its cool.

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