psamp…keeping you updated while you play your invisible piano:

  • devils lost to the sabres, leaving the atlantic door open to the pens. if the pens win tonight, there is a new eastern conference number 2 (the pens, duh), and the pens tie nj in the all-important wins column.
  • david wells is now playing ronald mcdonald, i guess. oh wait, david wells has diabetes.
  • uggie urbina is going to jail. i guess hacking at slaves with your machete and dousing them with gasoline is a crime in venezuela. oh wait…thats a crime pretty much everywhere. hes going to jail for 14 years.
  • micheal ray richardson resurfaced. making anti-semitic statements, of course.
  • pirates play the phils today. only 2 more grapefruit league games to go before the pirates have to underachieve again! (im kidding).
  • sid rules. didnt think i would have to remind you, though.
  • george solomon is now gone at espn. my sports heroes are all leaving me! (hides blogger window and googles “george solomon”). ombudsman? (hides blogger window again, types dictionary into address bar of new window, hits ctrl+enter, types “ombudsman” into dictionary.com search bar, learns).
  • board games ksk would choose if death awaited the loser. what, no hi ho cherry o?
  • the most awesome sports moves ever. simply put.

mpotd later

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