The Pirates lead the ‘Stros 3-1 in the 6th. But you already knew that:

MannyThe Torpedoes: /hits ball over Green Monster, plods around bases and
back to dugout

hey guys gues wha i foun out

MyNameIsSlimJD : Yes. We know. The bases are like pillows.

Its the 8th inning now, and the Buccos are still up 3-1. Big Country took one deep. The Pirates are trying to win their 3rd in a row, and 5th straight over the ‘Stros this season. Plus, a 9-10 record look so much sexier than 8-11.

Sorry for the lack of domination today. I had a rough paper due about global terrorism, and that pretty much consumed most of my life today. Oh, and Awful Announcing posted an article regarding a typo on espn.com’s front page. In an related instance, I wrote “message” the exact same way (meassage) in my paper shortly after reading that article. Thanks AA, for crushing what otherwise would have been a fairly decent paper regarding the contributions to modern global terrorism by the Islamic Assassins.

“UPDATE…” Update: The score is tied at 3 in the top of the 9th. That sucks the wind outta everything. Oh, and if I have to see that horrible Shop N Save commercial where they have the customers singing the theme song (I guess) one more time, I’m gonna snap. “Shop N Save’s the just right place for me!!!” How about use some proper grammar, and some proper singers, you SnS toolbags.

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