Updated Passion/Sizzle Stats

So when I first posted this link, there were no stats available. Nothing but a bunch of zeroes. But now, with the help of modern technology, we have actual stats from a game that took place this past Saturday!

The score itself was remarkable. 62-7. Torina Henley was dominant again. Her 6.7 yards per carry average from last week looks paltry to the 16.3 average she worked for with 163 yards on only 10 carries. She also scored 3 times. Her season average is now a remarkable 10.3 yards per carry. She’s 7th in the league in rushing with 278 yards.

Olivia Griswold was unstoppable, recording 14 total tackles. She is tied for the team lead of 7 solo tackles on the season with Ava Nickens.

Lisa Horton finished 8 for 12, with 231 yards and 4 touchdowns. That’s a touchdown for every other completion! She put up more yards than Dallas’ Jennifer Hull, who attempted 42 passes!

The undefeated Passion’s next game is in Harrisburg against the Central PA Vipers (0-2), the Central Division’s current bottom-feeder, on May 5th.

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