Visitor of the Week: August, Baby!

This first visitor actually comes from the end of last week. However, it was too good to pass up. Plus, the visitor came to PSaMP after I posted last week’s VotW, soit all works out.

People in Illinois are confused as to why Omar Epps is coaching the Steelers this season.

I met Tomlin up at St. Vincent shortly after he was named head coach. I was impressed by the way he was inspecting the entire facility. Some coaches might have hired an assistant to do the dirty work for them, but Iron Mike was all up in the locker rooms’ bidness, looking at all the minute details. Great way to start your career, Mike.

Getting back to the point, he does look exactly like Omar Epps. Me and my buddy Bob kept calling him Mike Epps and Omar Tomlin just for kicks. We are not funny.

There’s not much I can say about this second visitor. They found PSaMP by googling “immigrants with ponies.”

Kickass PSaMP gateway.

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