Visitor of the Week: Beginning of September

Yup…here’s two more visitors for your entertainment. These both came from last night/this morning. I tried to wait til the last possible minute, so as to only post one visitor. Alas, I falied again.

The first visitor stumbled upon PSaMP by trying to find info about that great Bill Parcells/Coors Light/Bigfoot commercial. I made a note of it during my minimalistic Steelers game observations, and said that I found it amusing. Well, I searched and searched, but Youtube, as well as the rest of the Wrold Wide Web, did not come through in the clutch. Someone needs to upload that video soon so I can post it. I would upload the vid, but the extent of my Youtube knowledge covers watching/embedding.

This visitor camoes from England. You want pony facts? I’ll give you (mini) pony facts:

1. Mini ponies rule

2. Mini ponies are small

3. Mini ponies are cool as shit

4. Mini ponies will forever be enshrined in the Mini Pony of the Day

5. Mini ponies > Regular sized ponies

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