Visitor of the Week: Its Only the Second Week of July?

This week’s VotW race was too good. I couldn’t pick just one. The first (above) comes all the way from Sunday.

Googling “pittsburgh pirates panties” is a sure-fire way to get nominated for VotW. I don’t know if this visitor actually wanted a pair of Pirates gutchies. Or perhaps they just think the Pirates are a bunch of girls. I don’t care about the reasoning, I’m just glad they found PSaMP in this manner.

The next one…not so much.

I didn’t think these people were real. I’ve heard horror stories of people that look up animal porn for pleasure, but I’ve never witnessed it firsthand. And now that I’ve written animal porn in a sentence, I can look forward to getting a whole new audience.

Penguin porn. What the hell?

And Friday seems to be a good day for my unveiling of the VotW. Fridays are usually sorta slow sports days, and you are all itching to get home for the weekend. This will be my treat to you, so that you know that there are much weirder people in the world.