Visitor of the Week: Last Week of June

Its back!

Here’s the next chapter of the newest addition to PSaMP, Visitor of the Week.

Its funny how, as a blogger, you can type one word, and so many people will find your site by googling some version of it. The word of the day is shirtless.

I used it when Jeff Reed gave us a bevy of new pictures, and I felt inclined to report on them. Thanks, Jeff Reed, and your shirtless manscaping.

Plus, I haven’t updated on Geno for awhile, save for when he dominated the Calder field for his first piece of hardware.

However, someone in the Steel City wanted to find some tell-tale sign of Geno’s chest, when they googled “Evgeni Malkin shirtless.” I’ll tell you now, there are no pictures of a shirtless Geno on PSaMP. Anywhere.

This crazy googling does earn this reader a spot as Visitor of the Week, though.

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