Visitor of the Week: Mid-ish August

As is par for the course, I tried to whittle down the VotW nominees to just one, but had trouble with that simple feat. Actually, it is really one visitor who was VotW-worthy, and one I had to post because of my own narcissism.

The true VotW is above. I wouldn’t have even cared if this awesome googling didn’t lead to PSaMP, because its too good to pass up. “Davenport shit closet” is something that Michiganians (Michiganites?, Michigons?) really need to know about. Come to think of it, people in Michigan have no relation to the Dump Truck. He was born in North Carolina. He played collegiate ball at Miami. He took a dump at Barry University. His pro career has taken him to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. No Michigan connection that I could find. Well…other than just wanting to find out about the oddest/coolest instance involving a current NFL player.

This visitor isn’t really VotW-worthy, but I needed to post it because it boosts my own little ego. When I started PSaMP, I was writing for the 2-to-3 people who would dominate the Blogger navbar at the top of the page. Seeing people in England who search for news about little-old Pittsburgh really makes me smile. Honestly, why would people in North Ayrshire really care about Pittsburgh? Obviously, for the little horses.