Visitor of the Week: Oktoberfest

This week, I’m proud to give you the best of the best. I can’t believe I was able to pick just one visitor. I feel confused.

To be fair, multiple visitors used this same search query, so this visitor from the ‘Burgh represents for so many others.

Mike Tomlin badass.” Those three words seem to go rather well together. I mean, its simple, to the point, and encompasses all that is Tomlin. I honestly can’t think of another word to replace badass that would completely sum up Iron Mike.

Cool? Too simple.

Amazing? Too generic.

Fabulous? Too Brady Quinn-ish.

Kickass? Yeah that would probably work, too.

So badass pretty much takes the cake. That, or any other word that includes _ass. Like kickass…or hardass. But not dumbass. Definitely not dumbass.

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