Vote For Tec! (Again!)

I need (more of) your help. Your votes helped push PSaMP to the 2nd round of the Hot Blogger Bracket.

If you wanna skip the bracket and get straight to the meat, go here. If you don’t vote for PSaMP, then I guess I will deal with it.

If you struggle at following links, here is the poll-thingy. Vote for PSaMP. And only PSaMP.

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In the first round, PSaMP was pitted against the Futon Report, a sportsblog that I was conscious of. I can’t say that this time.

PSaMP’s nemesis is now Joe Speaker, of Up For Sports. He also writes for The Obituarium. If this wasn’t a competition, I would be telling you to check out the sites, and see if there’s anything you like. But this is battle.

The voting has just started, and PSaMP is currently up, 61%/39%. I doubt the margin will stay that large, seeing as how both sites have less than 50 votes apiece. So do your job. Vote early. Vote often. And make sure those votes are for PSaMP.

I would love to add Up For Sports or The Obituarium to my Wild Ass Links section, the shared fate of all my vanquished opponents, should PSaMP continue on.

Team PSaMP vs. Joe Speaker. The powers of good will prevail!