What Kind of Procedure/Surgery Did Santonio Holmes Have?

New poll time!

Santonio Holmes has not disclosed the background of his “personal” injury. Supposedly, it was some kind of procedure that was not football related.

What does that mean? Time for PSaMP readers to have some fun with Santonio. I’m only giving you 3 options as well as an Other section, so have some fun.


With the DBs hitting the way they are in camp, why risk messing up that Michael Jackson-inspired nose? Or, with Rasheed Marshall trying out as a WR/PR, Santonio might go all “face-off” and try to look more like Antwaan Randle El.

New Hands.

“Santonio Holmes is back to receive the punt. The ball is in the air. Santonio catches it and…fumble!”

How many times did we have to hear variations of that last season? Santonio was tired of the dropped balls, so he went out and got hand-replacement surgery. Pretty logical.

Troy Smith Ankle Tattoo.

Chris Simms did it. Why not Santonio? He’s a big tOSU guy, and his fresh ankle tat might be too sore to practice.


You stepped up to the plate with the last poll, so do it again. I’m only giving 3 answers this time around, so make your voice heard here.

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