Where In The World Is Carmen Sandi…uh PSaMP?

Sorry about going all Rockapella on you, but I figured I'd touch base about PSaMP's notable absense. Don't worry, PSaMP's self-induced leave will be over soon, and you, the reader, can go back to not reading my stuff. I feel kinda bad, depriving you of your daily mini pony fix, but I really needed some time off. My mind has been in a million places while I finished college. The above picture is President Bush at the podium, giving the commencement speech to my class. Don't get it twisted, PSaMP is far from a Bush supporter, but it was cool that he came to my small school, I guess.

There have also been some other happenings that have made it difficult for me to focus on sports and/or humor, so a mini vacation was greatly needed. I promise that the PSaMP exile will end soon, and I'll provide more offense than the Buccos did against Atlanta tonight. Honestly, how do you put up 13 on a ton of singles and no homers? I guess its been that kind of season.

I'll be back in a bit. I promise…

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