Where’d Yinz Go?

Master of Ceremonies Sid Bream

Control the anger. Control the anger.

I’m sure you’ve heard this already, tnaks to some other guys, but 2 days ago, October 14th, was the 15-year anniversary of that Fransisco Cabrera hit. It was also the 15-year anniversary of the Barry Bonds throw. That also makes it the 15-year anniversary of the Sid Bream run/slide. What, did you think I’d forget that part?

I still get sick when I flip through my old baseball cards and see Bream in a Pirates uni. I think I’m mad because I haven’t burned those things in the past 15 years.

15 years!

I know you remember that day like it was yesterday. I do. Did we really know what we were in for when Bond’s throw came in wide right? Did we even imagine being a sub-.500 club for the next 15 years? Thanks, Sid.

So Mr. Bream, Where’d Yinz Go?

Sid has benefitted greatly from that slide (Wikipedia even refers to it as The Slide) 15 years ago. This picture above is from the 2004 GOP rally in Saxonberg, PA. Sid Bream was the Mster of Ceremonies. Sid Bream. The Master of Ceremonies. I think I know what’s wrong with the Republican party.

Bream had 90 career home runs and a career batting average of .264. But out of all celebrities, he was picked to emcee a GOP rally for the presidency. What, Dick Cheney couldn’t find Kordell Stewart or Kent Graham, or maybe Derek Bell? The best they could do was Sid Bream. In Pennsylvania.

He’s also a motivational speaker. Really. Maybe he motivates slow runners to beat throws home by Barry Bonds. Maybe he motivates kids to beat their former teams. Maybe he motivates others to deflate a major league baseball team for a decade and a half. That seemed to work for him rather well.

I’m done with this. I need to forget all of this immediately.

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