While We’re on the Subject

since joey porter came up, ive been thinking about the coolest/saddest thing that has ever happened in the pittsburgh area. joey porter’s 2 dogs getting loose and killing a mini pony. one deadspin member, Luis Sojo Jr, commenting on deadspin’s article regarding the newsbreak, asked: “So…do miniature horses have fetuses for jockeys?” ridiculous. im still crying…
david wells has diabetes.
mpotd later…
(ps…that is what part of the alphabet would look like if q and r were eliminated. rip mitch herberg. no seriously, the picture above was taken at my college, best nfl training camp in the league. joey is behind rooney hall, and st. benedict hall, the building i lived in for my freshman year, is in the background. my room window is barely obscured by the escalade.)

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