Woodley Is Getting Good. Real Good.

Don’t ask about the picture. I found it here.

The good news about the Steelers second rounder is that he’s been getting rave reviews across the board. Even from the guy he is likely to replace.

He’s strong, man,” outside linebacker Clark Haggans said. “He’s got great explosiveness, and he plays with great leverage. He’s only going to get better.”

That’s some big words of encouragement from Haggans, the starting LOLB who is in the final year of his contract. If the Steelers opt to let Haggans go, Woodley would probably be there to take his spot.

Woodley joins an incredible list – Jason Gildon, Joey Porter and Haggans – as players who adjusted from college DE to pro OLB.

And Wood doesn’t have all that much time to keep practicing. The Steelers help open the NFL preseason with the Hall of Fame game against the Saints in Canton, Ohio.

That’s on this coming Sunday night. Steelers season is here, whether you like it or not. And if you don’t like it, you can leave PSaMP now.

Woodley says he’ll be ready for however Iron Mike will use him on Sunday. The former Michigan standout will rely on his technique to compensate for his size. Plus, with Lawrence Timmons destroying the bench as of late, Woodley will be thrust into the spotlight early and often.

Drew Brees (or Jamie Martin or Jason Fife or Tyler Palko) better watch out.

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