Worst. Collision. Ever.

ill give a recap of last night’s action (pens=boo, buccos=sweet) in a bit, but i needed to write something down first. xavier nady rules, and hes helped the buccos beat the astros on two consecutive nights, and currently has 2 home runs in 2 games. nady had a good start to last year as well, and i remember talking with my friend fal, who lives in connecticut and is a huge mets fan, about nady last season and how he was making an impact on the mets. when the mets traded nady to the pirates, i was pretty happy.
however, thinking about nady got me to thinking about my conversation with fal, and i started thinking about the mets. immediately, i thought of the worst accidental collision i have ever seen in pro sports. carlos beltran and mike cameron both made an attempt to make a spectacular diving catch, and their heads slammed into each other – mid-flight. i found a sweet picture (above, duh) chronicalling the disgusting hit. here is a video of it as well. the end is the best. i would totally want jose offerman to see how i was if i smacked my head into carlos beltrans head.
thats all.

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