Yes. There Are Two John Duffy’s At ESPN Radio

When the story of an ESPN announcer being charged with kiddie porn, I wrote a short post about the incident.

What I, and the rest of the world, didn’t know, is that there are two John Duffy’s who work for ESPN Radio.

I posted a picture of a John Duffy who worked for a local ESPN Radio affiliate, because how many do you expect to come across in your life with the exact same credentials?

Anyway, the Trib took notice of this uncanny problem, and wrote a story to help distinguish between the two Johns.

What’s in a name?

A whole lot of grief, if it happens to be “John Duffy.”

There are two of them in their 40s in the Pittsburgh area who have worked as commentators for ESPN Radio. One of them — John Duffy, 46, of Carnegie — was indicted last week on child pornography charges.

The other — John Duffy, 42, of Upper St. Clair — is a sports medicine physical therapist in Scott.

In my quick research, I posted a picture of the 2nd John Duffy, primarily because his specs fit the bill. He was named John Duffy, was in his 40s, and worked for ESPN Radio. It would be hard to not take it for what its worth. I want to say this right now, though…THE JOHN DUFFY PICTURE I POSTED IS NOT THE JOHN DUFFY WHO GOT BUSTED FOR KIDDIE PORN!

Unfortunately, this confusion never would have taken place if the John Duffy in question never looked at kiddie porn. However, I apologized to the physical therapist-John Duffy in the comments section of my original post, and I’ll do it again. I’m truly sorry to that John Duffy, and I never wished to complicate his personal life.

If you’ve looked down on the innocent John Duffy, don’t As you can tell from my own experience, its easy to get things twisted.

I hope this John Duffy can resume his normal life, free from the pressures/confusions caused by his name twin.

The other John Duffy, if found guilty, can rot for all I care.


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