You Know You Live In Pittsburgh When…

…You can walk into any room of your parents’ house and expect to find some indication of a past local sports accomplishment.

As soon as I mentioned my distaste for that ugly triangular Penguins logo yesterday, I knew it would pop up in an unlikely place. Of course, I walked into a spare bedroom in my folks’ house, and there it was, staring back at me. It was on an old Hagen ice cream gallon bucket that commemorated the back-to-back cups won by the Pens in ’91-’92. ‘Burghers are weird in that sort of way. Any mention of a local sports feat is huge. I have old Coca-Cola cans that commemorate the cup wins, or Clemente (He’s my dad’s favorite Pittsburgh icon) or any other Pittsburgh accomplishment/hero.

This bucket is easily 14-15 years old, and shows that Pittsburgh sports fans put no boundaries on their love of the Buccos/Pens/ Stillers. Any true Pittsburgh sports fan can name dozens of commemorative pieces just like this one that they have, and will never be thrown away. Why else would someone keep an old gallon bucket of Hagen ice cream? If its got a Pittsburgh logo on it, then its a sin to throw it away.

When I find more of these memories, I’ll post ’em here. You’ll just have to deal with the shoddy cell phone graphics.

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