A Review of Deadspin’s GSTF Book Tour

To my readers in Pittsburgh, I think its time to let you know that I’ve recently moved to New York due to work (the kind that pays you money…not the free kind I give you every day). And by recently, I mean very recently.

This move came at the perfect time, because I had been hoping Will Leitch’s God Save The Fan Book Tour would stop in the Steel City, but no dice for the first leg. However, the New York stop(s) came right after I got here. Last night was reading/signing #1 in Tribeca. Tonight is reading/signing #2 in Brooklyn.

As a side note, you should truly read GSTF if you haven’t yet. Its an easy read and captures what its like to be a fan in today’s sports world. I’m not going to start reviewing the book, mainly because there’s reviews everywhere for you.

Instead, I’ll let you know how the tour was. Because I know you weren’t there.

I got there early…because that’s what I do. I hate being late…so I always end up getting to places crazy early and sitting on my ass until the person(s) I’m meeting shows up. It was a 7 P.M. reading…I was there by 6:30. I was met by a crowd of empty seats (there was no one there yet), so I chose a middle seat a few rows back. I’m not a front-row-center type of guy. I’m more of a few-rows-back-center type of guy.

As the 7 P.M. starting time drew near, the seats started fill up. Luckily, my friend, Ben and sister showed up while there were still some empty chairs.

The reading was fun, with Will and two volunteers acting out the John Rocker interview (if you have yet to read the book…you have no idea what this is. So you should read the book). Then, a short Q&A went down that was tightly policed by a woman who I believe worked at this particular Barnes and Noble. She was all about keeping questions to a minimum, as if there was some big extravaganza in the children’s section behind us that needed to start immediately.

After, I was able to get my copy signed. It was cool to finally meet Will. 90%+ of sportsblogs have been influenced (directly or indirectly) by Deadspin (as was PSaMP), so actually meeting someone like Will was pretty crazy. I don’t mean to get all stupid and weird about the whole thing…its just unique to meet an author…especially one who writes for a huge sportsblog. Evidence of my signed copy is below:

The note reads: Welcome to NYC! It’s HORRIBLE here!


Everyone retired to a bar down the street called The Patriot. Before I knew everyone would be heading there, I was hesitant to step foot in that place based solely on my hate for the football team of the same name. It wasn’t as bad as the team.

Despite the bar being the hottest, and the music being the loudest…I had a blast meeting some Deadspin commenters/Leitch friends.

Part 2 of the NYC signing is going on tonight. I’ll let you know how that goes tomorrow. And if you’re in the NYC area, stop by the Brooklyn BookCourt for the reading. I’ll be the dork in the white, button-down shirt and brown corduroy pants (because that’s what I wore to work…and there’s no way I make a stop between work and the reading) amidst the throng of unfortunate-looking bloggers/blog readers. Gimme a holler.

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