Attention: There Will Be No MMCNY This Week

Call me whatever you want, but I refuse to write a MMCNY for the Steelers loss on Saturday.

Sure, I do get rather bitchy when the Steelers lose. However, it isn’t that difficult to see how and why the team lost to Jacksonville. Ben , although he rebounded nicely in the second half, played like mud for the first 30 minutes. Special teams opened the floodgates early. And the most glaring problem was the play-calling of one Bruce Arians.

Honestly, a designed Quarterback run on a critical 3rd and 6 late in the 4th quarter? After two runs that totaled 4 yards? I know running out the clock was a top priority, but the passing game is what got the team back into contention and eventually, the lead.

BtSC asks if Bruce should stay or go. My honest opinion…can him. FIRE BRUCE ARIANS.

However he’s already infused the team with so much offense based around the Tight End that it could be rather difficult for the next guy to adequately work with the personnel available. The Steelers might not get rid of him for the sole fact that he’s ingrained so much of his offensive philosophy into this team. Any future coordinator would have to either make full scale changes to the team by either trade or the draft. That might be too much for the Steelers’ front office to handle.

So I apologize if you were really craving a MMCNY. I’ll do a final MMCNY sometime as a way to rate myself on how I did throughout the season. Who knows when it will go up, but I promise I’ll get it to you.

Picture courtesy of ICHC.


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