Bad Move, Silverback

In case you hadn’t heard (probably not the case), James Harrison was arrested on assault charges after slapping a woman in the face.

I hate people who vehemently defend their local sports stars after controversy (see: New England fans, spygate) and I will not be the one to say, “Oooh…let’s wait for all the details to come out before judging Silverback.”

As much as I love Harrison, and the man did play this past season on meth, there is no excuse for assault on a woman. I was disgusted and appalled when I heard the news over the weekend.

He also kicked down her bathroom door and broke her phone in half with his hands (arguably, that is pretty hardass), but he obviously admitted to slapping the woman, which breaks my heart. James has been one of my favorite Steelers, and I can’t stand hating on him. However, dude needs to be fined pretty heavily, or possibly suspended for a game. Bad judgement, Silverback.

The Steelers, as well as Harrison, have yet to comment on the issue and consider it a personal matter. The organization…as well as Harrison…had better acknowledge this incident and properly apologize (on Harrison’s part) to prove to the fans that this will never happen again. Yes, its personal, but when you are a role model to so many young fans, you had better take responsibility if the charges are in fact true.

The only way to win back public favor is to apologize accordingly.

We’re waiting, Silverback.

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