Barack Gets More Steelers Backers

I apologize for the political posts polluting PSaMP recently. I enjoy politics, but try to keep my beliefs regarding the subject separate from the sports-writings on this here blog. I’d go and start a politics blog, but my time is already stretched thin, what with work and blogging and having a social life and playing “Rock Band” (that game rules) and all.

However, when politics and sports intersect (especially local sports), I have to bring you the goods.

Recently, I’ve told you of Barack Obama receiving endorsements from some big names in the Steelers family. Jerome Bettis and Franco Harris recently hung out with Oprah’s boy toy. Dan Rooney backed Barack, but not on behalf of the entire team.

Now, Harris is joining forces (as we speak, I might add) with former players Dwight “Mad Dog” White, J.T. Thomas, Robin Cole, Larry Brown and Edmund Nelson on a “Steelers Vote For Change 5 County Blitz Tour” with Mr. Obama. Shit is going on right now. I have no idea where they are currently, because I’m a blogger, and I live in my mother’s basement eating Bagel Bites while playing video games in my underwear and spouting lies about the MSM.

Kidding, but if I’m going to use a typical blogger-cliche, I might as well go all out and follow through with an epic explanation of our daily lives.

The TAE article says that the shindig:

…started at 9 a.m. at Aliquippa High School, and will continue with stops at the Carnegie Elementary School football field, the American Legion in Charleroi, the Obama Uniontown campaign office and the courthouse square in Greensburg.

They’ll wind up the tour at Heinz Field with a 7 p.m. rally.

Your guess is as good as mine as to where they are at this very moment. Somewhere in the vicinity, would be my guess.

Go out and support Obama, if that’s your thing. Many Steelers obviously want you to.

Dan Onorato is looking more and more foolish with each and every Obama supporter that comes out of the Black and Gold.

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