Ben McCauley Will Scream In Your Face At A Ratio Of 1:2

Every now and then, I gotta check in with my old high school. Happened before when some kid rushed for over 400 yards in a game.

Now, its Ben McCauley, former Yough (pronounced “yawk”) Cougar and currently-getting-shat-on-N.C. State Wolfpack…er. He was a few years younger than me and helped our basketball team…uh…get better?

Now, I wanted to see why he’s only averaging 6.2 points and 3.9 rebounds this season. In my research, I came across his Google Image Search archive (click picture above for a larger view).

Looking at his first 8 images, it appears Ben will scream at or in your face 4 out of 8 times. And if we count that bottom-middle-right-chest-bumping-teammate-with-post-scream one, it ups that to 5 out of 8.

That’s an alarming figure.

Hope there’s something to scream about in the second half (43-13…yipes!).

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