Big Ben’s Pool Is Sweet

From the lovable primate Christmas Ape and the DC Steeler Nation Yahoo group comes exclusive pictures of Ben Roethlisberger’s hot-ass new pool in Gibsonia.

Looks like Ben bought his house a purty little present with all that extra cash that’s been lying around. The pool cost $1.7 mil, chump change for the quarterback. That’s be like me finding a $100 bill and taking $1 of it and murdering three digits worth of penny candy. It may seem a bit frivolous, but when you have an extra $99 million in the bank, you can afford whatever you want. These options include a pool with your football number tiled into the bottom or some Warheads and candy cigarettes.

Other features include a waterfall in which to hide from all those Gibsonia-based paparazzi and a shallow-end, granite-topped bar with sunken barstools. There’s a grill somewhere as well.


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