Birds Are Steelers Fanboys

Macaws rule.

What with training camp starting up, football fever is in the air. It’s entirely different from both hockey and baseball love lust. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll fight to the death to defend the Buccos and Penguins and my tireless support of both teams, but the Steelers evoke unique sets of emotions.

So unique that blue and gold macaws feel the need to pump up the fan base.

Now, to be fair and rational, the voice over guy could have probably said any sentence in this history of words, and the macaw would counter with a “charge” chant. Consider:

“It’s raisin-drying season!”

“It’s my wife’s time of the month!”

“It’s soccer season!”

“It’s time to do my taxes!”

“It’s time to get your wings clipped!”

Say any of those with the same tone of the “It’s football season” quote, and macaw would most likely go off. The only reason this video gets a place of honor on PSaMP is because said macaw owner is clearly a fan of the best football team in all of organized sport, and his bird totally backs his love. “Don’t believe I’m a Steelers fan? My bird will totally vouch for me!”

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