Blue Jays Fans Are Creative, Classy

Baseball fans are unique. And original.

Let’s get specific, and single out some of our Canadian fan-brothers (if that’s even a word). The last interleague series we played prior to the current Yankees series involved another AL East team, the Toronto Blue Jays. I’ll forever respect the Jays solely for the Joe Carter home run to win the World Series. Their fans…not so much.

With Freddy Sanchez up to bat, these geniuses decide to give up on the name Freddy, and instead, use the term Dirty Sanchez (language NSFW).

Excuse me while I laugh for a few minutes.

“Ooooh, his first name ends in a Y and his last name is Sanchez. I wonder how we can make something hilarious out of this?”

It was funny the first time. It was funny the second time. Hell, it was funny the third. By now, though, I’m sick of losers thinking they’re so damn original by chanting “Dir-ty San-chez.”

And according to the Youtube page, these idiots were sitting right in front of Freddy’s wife and two kids when they proved how hardass they were. Real classy, dicks. I hope Freddy shows up at their cubicles next week chanting, “Micro-managed, corporate-slaves making minimum wa-ge.”

At least they coulda got creative and gone with some of these:

Ilich Ramírez Sán-chez

Ros-elyn Sán-chez

or even

Matt San-chez

Do some research next time, jerks.


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