Bob Smizik Hates You Because Someone Else Booed Jaromir Jagr

(tiniest. picture. ever.)

Shame on Bob Smizik.

As seen in today’s MPotD links, The Pensblog called out Bob Smizik for, well, calling out all Pittsburgh fans. Unfairly, I might add.

Just listen to this logic:

In Pittsburgh, they regularly and vociferously boo the second-greatest hockey player to perform for the beloved home team.

In Pittsburgh, they boo the kid third baseman who had put up Roberto Clemente-type numbers until he was mysteriously traded.

And now these people are rubbing their hands in glee with anticipation of Feb. 8, when they can show the world the depth of the Pittsburgh knucklehead population. That’s when the Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings make their only appearance at Mellon Arena in the 2008-09 regular season. The knuckleheads aren’t excited about a chance for the Penguins to get some measure of revenge for their loss in the Cup final. No, what they can’t wait for is the chance to rain down boos on Marian Hossa.

The dreaded “They” and “These people.” Really? Let’s look at this rationally. Many Pittsburgh fans boo Jaromir Jagr. I am a Pittsburgh fan. By Smizik’s math, I boo Jaromir Jagr, am wetting my pants about the possibility of booing Marina Hossa and I’m a knucklehead for my antics.

Filler newspaper articles like these absolutely kill me. The blogosphere catches way too much flak for irrelevant stories, made up rumors and downright mean pieces. We (yes, I’ll speak for more than just myself) get yelled at by the Bissingers, put down by mainstream media outlets and are generally kicked around by anyone with a beef. What mystifies me is how mainstream media outlets allow articles to be published with little to no research. Why didn’t Smizik go out on the street and grab a couple Penguins fans to see if his assumptions were true? Is he above that? Does he have that much of a thumb on the Pittsburgh landscape that his assertions more or less sum up the local experience?

Look, I don’t boo Jaromir Jagr. The man is a legend in my eyes and I’ll always respect what he did in Pittsburgh. Hell, I even admitted my hatred for Jagr-booers (?) back in April. But alas, my wrists have been sufficiently slapped by the investigatory journalism of Bob Smizik.

So let’s flip the script. Time to use the Smizik Method for Successful Journalism:

“In Pittsburgh, all newspaper writers are bitchy and complain as if they have gas.”

“In Pittsburgh, they (all writers) refuse to research, or at the very least, interview a fan.”

“In Pittsburgh, all writers pass off gravy articles thinking this is still the 80s where the only cognitive response would be in an unpublished letter to the editor.”

I’m sure no other writer in the city would take offense to being grouped together with this clown. Either evolve or disappear, Bob.

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