BREAKING NEWS: Don Cherry Continues Beef With Sidney Crosby, Rest of World Yawns

From the Globe and Mail, via my buddy BP at Awful Announcing, comes news that Don Cherry snubbed Sidney Crosby.

Wow. I didn’t see that coming.

Anyone who knows Sid and knows Don Cherry were not taken by surprise at this. Cherry is unique to listen to, and must be respected for all he’s done for the game. However, he’s had a history of berating Sid, mostly stemming from Cherry despising the now-famous lacrosse-style goal Sid scored in juniors.

So after the Game 3 win, Cherry gave tons of love to most of the Pens, including Gary Roberts (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but seemed to miss Sid’s contributions. I mean, its gotta be easy to forget the guy who scored the first two Penguins goals. Especially right after the game.

Here’s the money quote:

When Cherry did his postgame spot for ESPN, he continued to ignore Crosby and wax lyrical about Roberts. Finally, ESPN commentator Barry Melrose said, “What about the Crosby kid?”

“Oh,” Cherry said. “I forgot. Yeah, he played a great game.”

Typical Cherry. I’d be more pissed if it was someone other than Don Cherry. I’ve come to expect nothing less, although he did wear Penguins colors earlier in the playoffs (above picture taken from that link).

Whatever. Drop the puck for Game 4, already.

Go Pens.

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