BREAKING NEWS: Ike Taylor Is Cursed!

Kidding. This isn’t breaking news at all.

And don’t get it twisted…I like Ike. I just happened to finally understand why he drops so many interceptions. I mean, how uncoordinated can a cornerback be? His hands are made out of feet.

I just happened to be flipping through the channels last night when the NFL Films replay of the 1995 AFC Championship Game ignited the television. I’ve seen that replay like a billion times, but all the emotions just flow right back when Harbaugh starts that final drive.

A few plays before the failed Hail Mary (sorry if that spoiled it for anyone, jerks), Steelers DB Chris Oldham stepped in front of a Harbaugh pass and let the interception slip through his hands. Oldham’s number…Taylor’s 24.

That could have put a harder hex on Ike if we would’ve lost the game. But we won…and eventually lost to the Larry Brown-led Dallas Cowboys. Larry Brown, unlike Chris Oldham and Ike, started picking off Neil O’Donnell on every pass. LB’s number…you guessed it…Taylor’s 24.

This past season, Ike bested opposing 24s by picking off 3 passes, compared to opponent 24s picking off Roethlisberger twice. Arizona’s Adrian Wilson and Cincy’s Deltha O’Neal, both 24s, dominated some errant Pittsburgh passes. Also, some dude from Buffalo with the number 42 (backwards 24) picked off Big Ben in the 2nd game of the season.

Time will only tell if the 24 curse hits us next year.

Visual evidence of the curse-ers are below.


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