Browns Fans at Steelers Games Featuring the Texans = Stupid

I’ll admit, I’ve worn a Steelers jersey while watching a Penguins game, but that’s the cutoff point for random jerseys at or during sporting events. And I wasn’t even at the arena…this was just me, at home, not being able to find a Penguins jersey in time. I’m pretty against wearing other teams’ gear at the games, even if they’re from the same city. You’re at a Penguins game, so take off the Pirates jersey.

When I went to Shea three weeks ago or so, I wore a Mets hat. Yes, I own one (I live in Queens), so don’t disown me, Pittsburgh fans.

This video is just stupid. You’re at the Steelers season opener, a game featuring Houston and Pittsburgh…IN PITTSBURGH…and you’ve decided to wear a Browns jersey. That’s freaking suicide if the Browns were in town, let alone with no other idiotic Clevelanders in the general vicinity. The Brownies game is NEXT week, asshole. I hope this dude was heckled nonstop throughout the entire game.

In related news, while at the Steelers bar in Hoboken yesterday, a few of us Steelers fans pointed out a girl walking in a Ravens t-shirt and booed her intensely until she left our immediate sightline. Serves her right.

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