Browns Fans, Players Are Cute

After the Steelers punished the Browns in Week 1 last season, I put up a video of the best possible summary of the game. It was short, to the point, funny and actually coherent.

Browns fans…I really don’t get your side of the rivalry. The Browns haven’t really been relevant in the twice a year battles, with their only bragging point being that they had a close loss in the second matchup last year. So when one searches Youtube for recent Browns/Steelers videos that favor Cleveland, the results are mostly laughable.

Take the above video. Our rivalry video had a dog in a Steelers jersey humping a Browns stuffed animal. Clever AND hilarious. Back to the video at the top of the post…what the hell? The Youtube page says it’s a Browns bus peeing on a Steelers fire hydrant. Ummmm? Is that a leg on the bus? Is this real or taken from a video game? I can’t tell what any of this is, other than a blob of nothing releasing water onto a black and gold fire hydrant. Ooooh, y’all are so edgy in Cleveland.

You can tell the football regular season is almost upon us. Pirates posts from here on out will be scarce, and Penguins articles will probably be thrown in from time to time. I’m ready for the football grind, though.

Oh, and Browns fans…here’s your top two receiving weapons. I’m scurred.

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