Cats Don’t Understand Remote-Controlled Steelers Trucks

Curiosity…scared the shit out of the cat.

I’m a huge animal agitator, so I know the joy this dude must feel. Their brains only comprehend so much, and we, as humans, will try and exert our mental superiority when given the chance. As Atmosphere says about our pets:

“It’s eat, sleep, f**k, and self defense. So straight, you can set your clocks and place bets.”

That pretty much sums up the animal experience. Fortunately for us, one of those instincts isn’t “Be aware of the remote-controlled Steelers truck.” The cat didn’t make a complete ass out of itself, so it has that going. At least it didn’t crash into a wall. Or get dominated by a ceiling fan.

Yeah, this is a weak post, but I told you about that yesterday. I’m wrapping up my interview, and while it won’t be posted until early next week, you should take time to guess who the subject is. There have already been some solid guesses.