Cedrick Wilson Released. No Double Standard

Cedrick Wilson was just released, following an incident with his girlfriend. Yes, the same girlfriend involved in this past January’s armed-standoff.

Ced was charged with striking her in the face.

But wait, wasn’t James Harrison arrested for the same offense…but he’s still on the roster?

PFT and Mondesi’s House discuss a possible double standard.

Horse Shit.

To this point, the Harrison incident was isolated. The man hadn’t been in the news for similar disturbances. Ced, well, there seems to be more to his story than meets the eye.

Look at the timeline regarding Ced’s recent troubles.

– Ced and girlfriend get into argument.
– Girlfriend fires gun in house, gets in standoff with police.
– Ced files Protection-From-Abuse Order against girlfriend, claiming she might kill him.
– Ced drops Protection-From-Abuse Order, provided girlfriend doesn’t file one against him.
– Ced is charged with pushing girlfriend down, then punching her in the face.
– Ced is promptly released from the Steelers.

Here’s the kicker. Re-read that 4th part of the timeline:

Ced drops Protection-From-Abuse Order, provided girlfriend doesn’t file one against him.

Why would Cedrick Wilson be so concerned that a girlfriend he was afraid of might file a PFA against him. He was claiming to be an innocent victim of a crazy woman. Kinda fishy that he didn’t want to have a PFA filed against him.

I don’t know about you, but if I was a victim of abuse/torment/violent behavior, I wouldn’t be trying to keep a PFA from getting filed AGAINST me.

People may ask why James Harrison still has a roster spot. I ask myself why half of the Bengals still have roster spots. Now, if there is more to James Harrison’s story, then I’m all for letting him go, but the Ced incident and the Silverback incident are polar opposites.

And no, I don’t condone abuse. Re-read my post about Harrison’s incident if you need a refresh.

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