Classic Mini Pony of the Day 6-12-08

(originally published on 6-12-07)

This MPotD is more about the kid in the picture rather than the horse (although the tiny horse is still a badass).

In honor of today being the 1-year anniversary of Big Ben crashing his Suzuki into a Chrysler, today’s MPotD is telling everyone to be like this kid. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!

Sure, the PSa in PSaMP can now stand for Public Sevice Announcement rather than Pittsburgh Sports and, but helmets are never a bad deal. Sure, they may mess up your ‘do, but they also save you from frightening head injuries.

So kiddies, no matter if you’re riding Suzuki Hayabusas or mini ponies, don’t be like Big Ben, and always wear your helmet.

(I type this as a kid rides past my house on an aluminum scooter with no helmet and two Turner’s Iced Teas in one hand. The two cartons in one hand was pretty impressive, though.)

(Editor’s note: That makes today the 2 year anniversary of Big Ben’s crash. In honor, here’s my remembrance of the date, as well as Deadspin’s reaction to my story from last year. Stay healthy, Ben!)

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