Craig Wilson Is A Pirate…Again

Are you kidding me?

Everyone who thought Craig Wilson’s time with the Buccos was long gone…you fail.

Only the Pirates would sign a chronically-underachieving strikeout machine after he didn’t catch on in New York, Atlanta and Cincinnati. Hell, we could use some depth in the minors…why not take Craig Wilson back? He can hit pinch-hit home runs with the best of ’em!

When we traded Wilson for Shawn Chacon, I had a sneaking feeling that Wilson would be back. He’s the type of guy that might attract some attention by hitting 29 homers in a season, but isn’t the unbelievable talent that would warrant a long-term deal. So, after pit stops in both the national and American Leagues, Wilson is back home in Pittsburgh.

I think I’d rather have Bonds.

In other Pirates news, Master X was named the NL Player of the Week. It might be a stretch to find a picture of him between two broads.

UPDATE: Maybe not.

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