Dear Mike Tomlin, Please Sit Ben Roethlisberger This Week

This is one blogger’s plea to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin. Please sit Ben Roethlisberger this week.

Current news has Ben’s shoulder okay enough for him to play on Sunday, but it seems like his partially separated shoulder never fully healed despite the bye-week rest.

We welcome an always-dangerous Indy team to town, and their 4-4 record probably doesn’t sit too well with the team and fans. Hell, they’ve been spoiled by success the past 6-7 years, so I’d assume that the .500 record through half the season isn’t ideal.

For this, I think the Indy D (In-D? Sorry…) will come at whoever is under center for Pittsburgh. Our O-Line is primed to be exploited at any time. Now, I’m not saying I particularly fear what the Colts will throw at us, but if Ben’s in the game…he’s gonna get sacked.

There was a time when I thought we needed all healthy players to face Indianapolis. But now, I’m liking our chances against a weakened Colts team, especially with a full game lead over the fraudulent (in my opinion) Ravens.

Indy is going to bring pressure. Everyone we play is going to bring pressure. But my plea to sit Roethlisberger this week isn’t due only to the possibility of Ben getting hit. It’s to have Ben learn from Byron Leftwich.


There was a pretty telling quote in that P-G article above, which echoed a strong though flying through the minds of Steelers Nation after the win over Washington. Listen to Tomlin:

“[Leftwich] probably did do a better job of getting the ball out, and, no, it did not surprise me,” Tomlin answered. “That is one of the characteristics of Byron Leftwich. He got the ball out pretty good in Jacksonville and the different places he has been. That’s who he is. He is a quick decision-maker. He is an anticipatory thrower.”

In no way is Tomlin wrong about that quote, despite it being prime for criticism. Ben hasn’t been on the same page as his receivers this year, as seen from the countless overthrows and miscommunication between WR and QB on the routes early in the Washington game. Leftwich came in and made some good throws before receivers made their breaks, and I was pretty surprised. Here’s a guy who admits that he still doesn’t fully understand the Steelers playbook, but he anticipated well.

Giving Ben a week will not only strengthen his shoulder, but give him time to watch his backup do what the fans have been asking of Ben…rolling out of the pocket when needed and making quick, accurate decisions.

Oh, and maybe Ben will learn to throw the ball 400 MPH, too!

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